Inter-League Championship Rules.

Inter-league Championship Rules
Seniors play for the President’s Cup; Juniors play for the Terry Nichols Trophy.
Entry will be open to all directly affiliated leagues (including Ladies) within the bowling boundaries of the County. Entrance fee of £20.00 per league will provide the prize money for those competing in the Final day.
Leagues shall nominate their top Division/Section Championship team or selected Club team in their membership for entry into the Inter-league Championship (irrespective of the geographical position of the club). Providing that the club is directly affiliated to this County in the year of qualification. (ie in the previous year) Team captains are to submit players names and registration details to the league secretary, who will verify and forward to the competition secretary.
All players selected must be registered member of the club and league that they represent during the qualifying season and must have played at least three games in that league in the qualifying year
The Management Council shall make the draw at its March meeting. The draw will be made on a straight knockout competition four teams to qualify for the Final day. The Semi-final and Final to be played on a neutral venue and moved around the County and should be chosen where possible to be in a central position to the four qualifying teams.
Teams will consist of 8 players in all rounds, 4 playing at home and 4 playing away, games of 21 up, all to be played on the same day and time. The draw for play at each match will be made by each captain placing their team in order of play. The visiting team is to have first lead of the jack.
Juniors (A team of 4 players in a knockout competition and played as a one day event. To be played on a neutral green.)
The team with the highest total aggregated points scored in both home and away games will be declared the winners of the match.
In the event of a tie the winners of the match will be decided by the team with the most individual winners. If still a tie the top individual score difference to count.
No practice by either team on the day of the competition.
The management council shall set all the dates for inter-league matches, with the proviso that individual teams can arrange with their opponents, a start time. If one cannot be mutually agreed the match shall start at 11.00am.
Prior to the match being played in the qualifying rounds the team captains of each League shall contact their opponent team captain with their respective home venue and full directions to that venue. Where the venue has more than one green the intended green to be used shall be clearly indicated.
On completion of the match, the winning team to return immediately to the County Secretary a completed score sheet which must be received by the County Secretary within 48 hours of the completed match. Any infringement of this rule will incur a 5 points deduction for each day late, from the defaulting team on completion of the match.
If the green is declared unfit by the venue club due to inclement weather the match will be abandoned at that green. The match must be played within 10 days on the same venue. Where one green is abandoned, the rule relating to playing both matches on the same day will not apply. Where a draw for the individual matches has been made they will stand.
The venue for the Semi-final and Final will be chosen by the Management Council.
The teams contesting in the Semi-finals shall inform the County Secretary by Fax/phone their team selection and in the order of play. Prior to the match commencing a captain will toss a coin so that each team can have equal number of leads with the jack. Odd numbers allocated to one team and even numbers to the other.
The winners of the Final will be decided by the highest aggregate score. If a tie, see rule 6(a).
The wining Senior League team will receive the President’s Cup. The Inter-League Championship team will be awarded the prize money pro-rata and nominated by Cheshire County Management Council for entry into the British Team Championships at Irlam the following year.
The winning Junior League will receive the Terry Nichols Trophy.
All trophies to be held for 12 months but will remain the property of the Cheshire C.B.A.