Cheshire County Bowling Association.
General Rules & By-Laws

Rules and Bye-laws
1. The Association to be known as the "Cheshire County Bowling Association" (hereinafter called the "County") and to be open to all Bowling Organisations and their members who shall observe the requirements set forth in this handbook.
2. The County shall promote, organise and govern the Crown Green Bowls in compliance with the requirements of the British Crown Green Bowling Association (hereinafter called the BCGBA) and shall also implement its own Rules and Bye-laws, Match and Cup Competition Rules etc.
3. Any club wishing to play league bowls within the county, will pay an affiliation fee of £20.
4. The County Secretary to receive not later than 1 March from each  affiliated League and each  affiliated Club a completed Affiliation form which must include the name and address of their Secretary and also another name and phone number who can be contacted in the Secretary's absence. These to be in addition to the Club address and phone number.
5. All players who play in any of the County Competitions (Brunner Cup, Norman Cup, DeKnoop Cup, Senior and Junior Merits) or in a League that is  affiliated to the County, shall, in addition to holding a BCGBA Life Membership card, possess a Cheshire County Life Membership card, the current fee for which is £3.00.
6. All  affiliated Clubs shall supply a list of all their registered members to the County Secretary by 30 April each year. New players can apply for Life Membership at any time.
7. All Clubs shall exhibit on their notice board a list of all their players who possess both BCGBA and Cheshire County Life Membership cards. Such lists to include both card numbers and the individual players.
8. All affiliated clubs shall be required to be represented at the Rules Revision / Annual General Meeting. Failure to do so will incur a £10.00 fine.
9. An Annual General Meeting will be held on the last Saturday in October for the election of Officers and the consideration of Notices of Motion defined as follows:
a) The President and Deputy President shall hold office for two years. The Deputy President to automatically follow the retiring President into senior office and a new Deputy President to be elected at two-yearly intervals.
b) The County Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and Registrar to be elected annually.
c) A Junior County Selection Committee to be elected annually, consisting of a Chairman, two Team Managers and one other selector.
d) A County Selection Committee to be elected annually consisting of a Chairman, two Team Managers and two Members.
e) Nominations for any of the above positions to be received in writing by the County Secretary not later than 1 September.
f) All the above positions will commence their duties on 1 January following their election.
g) Written Notices of Motion to amend, alter, rescind, or make additions to the Rules and Bye-Laws and/or Match and Cup Competition Rules etc of the County or to consider the County putting forward Notices of Motion to the BCGBA to amend, alter, rescind or make additions to the Laws of the Game and/or to the BCGBA Rules and Bye-Laws, other Rules, Guidelines etc to be received by the County Secretary not later than 1 September. All such Notices of Motion shall be sent to each  affiliated League/Club not later than 1 October.
h) No amendments to a notified Notice of Motion will be considered, unless received by the County Secretary in writing, on or before the Wednesday prior to the Annual General Meeting.
10. A General Meeting (to be known as the Pre-season meeting) may be held at the Management Councils discretion on the second Saturday in February for any business that the Management Council consider appropriate, which shall include notification of all County Competition dates for the ensuing season. Where actions of the B.C.G.B.A. Rules Revision Meeting cause the County Rules to be contrary, the Management Council will put forward Notice of Motion to rectify these. No other Notice of Motion will be considered at this meeting.
11. A Special General Meeting may be convened at any time by the County Secretary on receiving a requisition to that effect signed by the Secretaries of not less than twenty-five affiliated Clubs. The requisition must state specifically the reason for such request and the Special General Meeting will restrict itself to that topic only.
12. At all General Meetings issues will only be approved if they receive the consent of a simple majority of those in attendance. Each affiliated Club and each affiliated League shall be entitled to one vote per representative attending up to a maximum of two. Each representative present will be able to vote for one club | league only, together with each representative of the Management Council who shall each be entitled to one vote. The vote of the President (or, if absent, the person chairing the meeting) will be restricted to a casting vote if this becomes necessary.
13. The Management Council shall consist of a President, Deputy President, County Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, the Senior and Junior Chairman of selectors. The Secretary or his deputy of the Cheshire Crown Green Referees' Society, Registrar and one representative from each approved area, together with Past Presidents of the County who shall be considered ex-officio members of the Management Council for so long as they retain an active participation in the affairs of the County. Five members to be present to form a quorum and, for Management Council meetings only, each approved area to be permitted to appoint a deputy if their representative is unable to attend. Each member of the Management Council must have membership at a Club that is affiliated to the County and be in possession of both BCGBA and Cheshire County Life Membership Cards.
14. The Management Council shall have the following powers:-
a) To do any reasonable act, matter or thing necessary to achieve the objects of the County.
b) To apply and enforce the Rules and Bye-Laws and/or Match and jurisdiction over all matters not provided for by the same.
c) To fine, suspend, expel and/or otherwise, any League, Club or player considered to be guilty of an offence likely to bring the Game and/or County into disrepute.
d) To request the production of any books, documents or other evidence which may be deemed necessary or desirable to any enquiry. In the event of any League, Club or individual declining or neglecting to submit such items, or to co-operate in, or appear at, any enquiry, the offender(s) shall be dealt with as considered appropriate.
e) To be the sole interpreters of (b) above and from whose decision there shall be no appeal at law or otherwise, except to the BCGBA if permitted under their Rules and Bye-Laws.
15. The Selection Committee (See Rule 9d) shall select two Senior Team Captains to assist them and shall also have the power to co-opt up to a maximum of three persons for a specific purpose, eg Selection of Juniors.
16. The Selection Committee is responsible for the selection of all players and reserves to represent the County in respect of all matches for both the Seniors and Juniors and shall also select the home venues when applicable.
17. That each affiliated League and each affiliated Club be supplied with four handbooks, for which they will be charged.
18. The fees indicated on the Affiliation form are payable by 1 February and all other fees are to be settled within twenty-eight days of invoice. Defaulters will be liable to a fine of £15.00. Cheques to be made payable to: "Cheshire County Bowling Association" and not to an individual.
19. The Accounts to financial year ending 30 September shall be audited and a printed Balance Sheet sent to each affiliated League and each affiliated Club together with the Notice convening the Annual General Meeting.
20. Affiliation will not be accepted from any League or Club that has failed to settle its full dues for the previous year. Any such League or Club shall be suspended together with all its registered members until such time as it has fulfilled its financial obligation.
21. Any Club or individual seeking membership or registration with another League or Club shall not be accepted if satisfactory proof be given that they or he/she has failed to fulfil a previous financial obligation.
22. No League or Club within the Bowling boundaries of the County shall apply for affiliation to another County without the permission of the Management Council.
23. No League within the Bowling boundaries of the County shall accept any Club from outside the Bowling boundaries of the County without the said Club having applied for and received permission from their parent 'County'.
24. The County fixtures to have priority claim for the use of any green before all other fixtures with the exception of those of the BCGBA.
25. The green(s) of all affiliated Clubs, shall if required, be placed at the disposal of the County a reasonable number of times during the season, free of charge. It is essential therefore that Clubs entering the Brunner Cup, Norman Cup and De-Knoop Cup keep their greens at liberty on those dates allotted for the preliminary, first and second rounds of those competitions.
26. Except in the case of the BCGBA Veterans Merit which permits both male and female players, all other Merit Competitions and Open Handicaps run by and under the auspices of the BCGBA shall permit only the male members of all affiliated Leagues and all affiliated Clubs to take part (subject to eligibility, eg age).
27. Only male registered players of affiliated Clubs who are in possession of both BCGBA and Cheshire Life Membership cards shall be eligible for selection to play in official Inter-County matches.
28. The President, Deputy President, County Secretary and Treasurer shall be to all intents and purposes the legal owners of all Cups, Trophies etc, in trust for the County and they shall never become the property of any individual Club or player.
29. Any protest must be in writing to the County Secretary, within seven days of the event or alleged offence and no protest will be considered by the Management Council unless the complainant sends a deposit of £25.00 with the protest. The deposit may be returned or forfeited as decided by the Management Council.
30. In the event of dissolution of the County any income or property remaining shall not be distributed among the members but donated to a Bowling Organisation with similar aims, or failing that, to a charitable purpose.
31. a) Hard or block heeled footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any match played under the Association's jurisdiction.
b) The following is the only permitted dress for all County matches and for all tournaments (quarter-finals, semi-finals and final day onwards), organised or run by the Association:-
1. Trousers: These shall be full length, BLACK trousers, (in the case of ladies, skirts of at least knee-length are permissible).
2. Shirts: These shall be collared shirts which may be embellished with any or all of the following:- player's name, Club insignia, County insignia, sponsor's insignia, manufacturer's insignia.
3. Where necessary, sweaters which conform to the above and/or wet weather gear may be worn.
4. In team contests it is strongly recommended that uniform clothing is worn by all team members.
5. Nothing in the above shall be interpreted to allow the wearing of track suits, shell suits or denims.
6. Any player failing to conform to this standard will be prevented from playing (or continuing) in the competition and may be liable to forfeit any entry fee for, or prize money earned in, the competition.
7. In the case of team contests any offending player must be substituted prior to the commencement of the game. However, if the player's game has commenced, the player shall score nil and the opponent shall receive the maximum score.
32. The BCGBA Rules and Bye-Laws stipulate:
a) Promoters of bowling contests accepting or inviting entries from Clubs within the County of promotion, must apply to the County Authority for affiliation and approval.
b) Promoters of bowling contests inviting or accepting entries from outside the County staging the event, must apply to the "BCGBA" and pay an annual affiliation fee of £6.00 at least twenty-eight days before commencement of the contest. The application must state the name of the Club and venue where the contest is being held and the Secretary of the local County Authority must be notified that such application has been made. Such contests shall be deemed 'Open Contests'. No final stages of open competitions to be contested on the date of and within the County Association where the BCGBA Merit finals are taking place, or on other days when major events as defined by the BCGBA are being played. Where the contest is to be televised there should be consultation with the BCGBA and a television fee negotiated before an open certificate is issued. The name(s) of the referee(s) shall be submitted to the Referees' Society for approval.
c) Promoters of contests referred to in Clause b) must display on entry forms and all forms of publicity relating to the event the words "Affiliated to and Approved by the BCGBA", the maximum number of entries, the entry fee and the total prize money. Promoters accepting female entries must clearly indicate it is a mixed competition. Any promoter, Club or player taking part in a contest referred to in sub-clause b) not affiliated to and played under the Rules of the BCGBA shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £50 or suspension or both, by the BCGBA. Failure to notify the County Secretary under sub paragraph a) or b) will be liable to a fine of £20.
d) All competitors taking part in televised invitation competitions do so only with the approval of the BCGBA and their County. The qualifying criteria for these competitions should be made clear and be consistent for all Counties.
e) A team or player who withdraws from a team, individual or pairs competition shall be liable to forfeit any prize which he/she would otherwise have been entitled to at the time of such withdrawal.